Luminescence [VR]



In virtual reality light does not have to correspond with our reality. Physical laws can be overridden and redefined. This raises the question of how light looks, which effect it achieves and how it can be perceived in virtual reality. 


Can light in VR achieve a meditative effect? Can light take shape? Does light have the same meaning in virtual reality as in real reality? How can sound be a guiding element? How do certain colors enhance the effect?


The three rooms are based on basic geometric shapes so as not to distract and not to overload. To feel connected with the more abstract spaces the user gets a pulse sensor. In every room the individual pulse can be found visually in the objects. To sharpen the perception each room is filled with different audio which reacts to the user and depends on time. Through motion and an interactive button the user influences the rooms. The bar with the button acts as an anchor point to connect the realities by matching it physically and virtually. Luminescence is an experimental virtual experience which plays with forms, contrasts and biological feedback.


I had the pleasure to present this project at the Ars Electronica Campus Area 2019. 








Tools: Unity, C#, Cinema 4D, Arduino, LogicProX (Sound)